NetObjects Fusion 2015At Diamond Edge Technology, LLC, we are constantly developing, updating, and creating new and exciting features and functions for our customers products.  To help spread the word about these exciting changes, this web page lists some of the newest changes available, organized by the company we have developed them for.  If you would like more information on any of these changes, contact either Jesse (for Diamond Traffic Products customers) at (541) 782-3903 or or us at (503) 719-6937 or

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Centurion Web Software Update Reintroduced in V1.45 Build #0003:


Due to various technical and customer security concerns, the ability for existing users of Centurion to update their software directly from Centurion has been purposely limited by Diamond Traffic.  With investments in a new hosting site and better security packages, the ability to update Centurion from the software itself has been added back in.  This will allow customers to stay up-to-date much more easily - not only with the main software executable but also with counter firmware, class tables, example files, documentation, and other important updates.

To access the Web Update feature, customers must first manually update to Centurion V1.45 Build #0003 or later (available as a download from Diamond Traffic).  Once this version has been installed, simply run it and select “Check For Software Updates” from the Help menu to automatically download and install the latest.  Contact Diamond for more information.




New Centurion Data Integrity Function – High Count Check:


Starting with Centurion V1.44 Build #0010, customers can do data integrity checking on their downloaded data files using a new function called the High Count CheckThis function compares the new data hourly and daily totals by Lane against preset maximum values that are specific to each site.  If any new data exceeds the set value by a pre-programmed percentage, a Data Integrity warning will appear to help you quickly identify the problem.

Click here to see the users guide for this new feature, and contact Diamond Traffic for information on updating to the latest Centurion release.




Traffic counts with IoT (Internet-of-Things) technology and Centurion “Diamond Data Server (DDS) Interval Data Monitoring” now available:               


Starting with Centurion V1.44 Build #0006, customers can now live monitor up to a one thousand traffic count stations utilizing the Diamond Data Server (DDS) and Interval Data posting.  Interval Data is a special new kind of traffic count information where the traffic counter itself posts current traffic counts to our secure cloud storage server.  Data is posted every 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hour, or daily (under user control) giving a semi-real time view of current traffic, all the while Centurion is maintaining a local database as well as an SQL database of each station.

Click here to see the user’s guide to this new feature.

Interval Data is available with Diamond’s Phoenix, Unicorn, Pegasus, TT-200, and Omega X3 traffic counters and the ROSIM WAP system when paired with the Iris Modem Product.  Contact Diamond Traffic Products for more information or to arrange a demo of this new Internet-of-Things application.




Brand new Omega-G Counter/Classifer:


Based on the highly successful Omega X3, the new Omega-G Traffic Classifier will be available third quarter of 2017 and offers most of what users love about the X3 in a smaller, lighter, and less expensive package.  The Omega-G has these main features:

  • Two airswitch channels & two O.C. inputs.
  • 5 to 10 year battery life from internal batteries.
  • Graphic display with 17 key keypad.
  • Built in GPS sensor to record location and set clock.
  • Bluetooth and USB connection, including thumb drive slot for quick transfer of data.
  • Large memory holding more than 20 million vehicles.
  • Advanced bicycle detection features.
  • Display in real time of vehicles and/or volume.

Click here for the full datasheet, and contact Diamond to arrange for your own demo of the Omega-G.





New Diamond Data Server based Interval Data for Parking Lot Management:


Diamond continues to push the frontiers of advanced vehicle detection technology with their new Interval Data collection for Parking Lot Management and other traffic counting needs.  Interval Data differs from regular traffic counts in the following way:

  • Each location where traffic is to be monitored will have a traffic detector plus a  Iris Modem - Standalone device which can remotely connect to the Diamond Data Server to post data.
  • The modem constantly monitors the vehicle data collectors (such as a Phoenix, ROSIM, or other type of counter) and records how many vehicles pass by.
  • Periodically, the modem will turn itself on, link to the internet, login to the Diamond Data Server, and post its collected counts to a secure customer specific location.  The frequency of posting can be 5 min, 15 min, 1 hour, or 6 hour - all under user control.  After posting, the modem shuts itself down to save power.
  • On an office computer, customers run Centurion V1.44 Build #0002 (or later) and set it up to login to the Diamond Data Server Interval Data center.  Centurion will automatically download the posted data from each interval data stations, update parking lot totals and signs, and maintain a near real-time database of counts for each station.  Data viewing, editing, exporting, and report generation is very easy.
  • Multiple copies of Centurion can source the same data without interfering with each other, allowing much broader and easier access of the traffic counts.

This new method of collecting data from remote stations requires much lower power than having a live link, as well as using less expensive cellular data plans.  Contact Diamond Traffic Products now to try out the new Interval Data system.




Version 2 of the advanced I-Loop Duo now available:


Diamond Traffic Products is now in full production of the newV2 I-Loop Duo
V2 I-Loop Duo.  This is an advanced dual channel loop board
for installation in rack systems (NEMA/170/2070)  It contains many advanced features including:

  • Full signature output and command/control to any or all channels including Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth and serial.  Multiple output formats (text, comma delimited, inductance change, frequency, etc).
  • Auto-tuning to wide loop conditions with programmable loop frequency scanning speed, sensitivity, and many other options.
  • Bicycle detection option including special output circuitry and secondary programmable output relay.
  • Ethernet port built-in with web browser access to display status and control board.  Simultaneous Ethernet signature output to data port.
  • Easy to use front panel controls with LED display and four buttons.

For more information, click here to see the complete datasheet.




Centurion V1.43 Build #0002 adds direct Diamond Data Server Link


Centurion will now directly link with your Diamond Data Server cloud storage account and allow you to download, import, and archive files from the web based server.  Traffic counters with the built in Iris Modem support uploading of their data files to the Diamond Data Server.  Using Centurion, you can now quickly and simply link to your Diamond Data Server account and bring the data into your database.  In addition, the cloud stored files are kept separate for multiple users so that importing on one computer does not affect the ability of other users to bring them into their database.

Example of accessing the Diamond Data Server from Centurion: DDS from Centurion




Centurion V1.43 Build #0002 can Export TMG PerVehicle Format and supports new TMG 2016 format changes.


The FHWA is now recommending that all reporting agencies submit data in the TMG “Per Vehicle Data Format / PVF”.  Centurion now supports direct exporting of data to this format, using both the ‘T’ and ‘V’ styles, as well as includes all changes incorporated in the new FHWA Traffic Monitoring Guide - 2016 edition.




Centurion V1.43 Build #0002 can create volume data from Bluetooth data.


The new Omega X3 traffic CreateVolumeFromBluetooth
counter can collect Bluetooth MAC addresses (sometimes called “Probe Data”) either solely or in combination with road tube data.  Once this data has been imported into Centurion, users can now create a Volume database from the Bluetooth data which represents an estimate of the actual traffic flow during the data collection period.
Users have full control over how the estimate is determined including the way duplicates are dealt with and what percentage of actual traffic the Bluetooth data represents.





Phoenix Classifier now offers built-in cellular modem with automatic file upload to Diamond’s cloud storage server, text alerts when site suffers failures, and a ‘Listen’ mode for instant internet web access to counter.


The new Iris Modem is now available as a built in cellular modem for the Phoenix Traffic Classifier.  Having the modem built in gives the user many new features including: Ability to have designated times when it is available for linking (to save power), Automatic transfer of collected data to the Diamond Data Server for cloud storage, and Text message alerts to field technicians whenever the counter detects a sensor, battery, or other system issue which needs immediate attention.
Many customers have linked the Phoenix to an external cellular modem for data access, but using a built in modem is not only easier and simpler to install, it also gives many new abilities and control over the modem.  This is in addition to access to our new cloud storage Diamond Data Server ( which makes nightly polling obsolete, saves power, and gives the user additional data quality and storage tools.
To watch short engineering video of the Iris Modem in action with Phoenix classifier, click here.




Centurion now allows fully selectable Export Class Types


Centurion V1.42 Build #0017 has a newpic1
export feature which allows the user to select either all class data found, or to select only specific types of data to export for any Classification Export Format.  This is done by clicking the “Types” button and entering in what you want to export on this dialog box:

Contact Diamond Traffic for help on upgrading your release of Centurion to access this new feature.





I-Loop Duo offers “Bicycle Detection” Feature


The Diamond “I-Loop Duo” can now analyze and report the difference between a bicycle and a vehicle crossing the loops.  Using advanced signature analysis, the I-Loop Duo adds Classification Codes to each signature output and can even filter out vehicles so only bicycles are reported to the host system.  This makes the I-Loop Duo, along with the Diamond Phoenix Classifier, the only known loop detectors in the market today specifically capable of detecting bicycles.




I-Loop Duo now offers full Ethernet Connectivity


Diamond Traffic’s “I-Loop Duo” product, which is a dual channel smart loop detector for 170 and NEMA cabinet controllers, now has integrated Ethernet connectivity.  Using any standard Ethernet connection, users can access separate Command and Data ports for programming, monitoring, and viewing real time signature outputs as vehicles cross the loops.  With this new feature, customers can access the board through a local network or even from any internet connected computer.  This is the only loop controller in the market today with this ability, and it includes a web page like interface for viewing status and setup.
Click here to see example of I-Loop Duo webpage interface (showing the status page)..




New Diamond Data Server up and running.


Customers can get a preview and see the abilities of the new Diamond Data Server by going to  This new site allows customers with a Diamond Account to log in, view files uploaded to the cloud from their traffic counters, and then easily download any file they want to bring into Centurion for processing.  For those who don’t yet have a Diamond Account, can log in and try it out with:
                     Account #: TestAccount             Password: password
Check back as often as you like to see newly added features and functions to the Diamond Data Server in the weeks, months, and years to come.  For example, the Diamond Data Server will soon feature a data archive function to preserve your files in secure off-site cloud storage. This site will soon also have the ability to check file data integrity, generate basic reports, view imported data, and many other abilities as it is expanded and improved.




Centurion adds Data Integrity Checking for downloaded data files.


Centurion V1.42 Build #0015 adds for the first time Data Integrity Checking for binary data files.  Data Integrity Checking is an analysis of any data for obvious errors such as:
    - Periods of Time with Zero Count in any Lane.
    - Sensor Misses (SnMis) exceeding % of Total or Fixed Amount over time.
This new release allows you to scan all downloaded files (from any source) automatically, as well as allowing you to scan any existing data files on your system.  When Data Integrity violations are detected, a pop-up window appears detailing the issue and giving you various tools for addressing it.  This is a very handy tool (especially for auto-polling customers) who can now immediately see what sites may have issues right after data has been downloaded.




New Diamond Data Server - Omega X3 example video


Diamond Traffic is adding a cloud storage server function to its traffic counter line.  Starting with the Omega X3, an internal modem called the Iris Modem can be installed that allows the counter to transfer its files through the internet to a central storage web site.  In this prototype video, the entire function is shown sending the files from an Omega X3 to a cloud storage website: here to see the video.
Note that in the commerical release, a different website will be accessed and users will need their own account number and password to access the data.




Direct RS232 COM Port interface available for the Omega X3 Traffic Counter


The standard Omega X3 traffic counter has a USB port and a Bluetooth connection for monitoring, viewing, and downloading traffic data.  This is normally done by connecting a USB cable or making a Bluetooth serial port link from a PC and then running Centurion to communicate with the counter.  It also has a USB port for direct transfer of data files to a USB thumb/flash drive.

Until now, this meant that the Omega X3 could not be easily connected to something like an external cellular data modem.  Many of these modems expect a standard RS232 COM Port, which was not available on the Omega X3.  This new RS232 Port (which extends out the side of the case in a 9 pin circular waterproof plug) allows customers to plug the Omega X3 directly into a COM port on a computer (with our standard External Serial Cable), a cellular modem (using our External Modem Cable), or any other device which expects a standard RS232 COM port connection.




Direct RS232 COM Port interface available for RoadRunner 3 and TT-200-DL Traffic Counters


The standard RR3 and TT-200-DL have a six pin circular connector for connection to a PC or Android device for monitoring, viewing, and downloading traffic data.  This port requires the use of a special "FTDI" cable which converts the signals from the RR3/TT-200-DL to a standard COM port connection, which is usually then connected to a computer USB port (which will make a new COM port open up on that computer).

Until now, this meant that the RR3/TT-200-DL could not be easily connected to something like a cellular data modem.  Many of these modems expect a standard "TTL Level" RS232 serial COM Port, which was not available on the RR3/TT-200-DL.  This new adapter cable allows customers to plug the RR3/200 TTL to RS232 Serial Converter Cable into the counter which translates it into a standard DB9 female serial RS232 COM port connector which can be connected to a computer, a cellular modem (through a NULL Modem Cable), or any other device which expects a standard RS232 COM port connection.




Centurion Parking Lot System software now supports the ROSIM Magnetometer device


Starting with V1.42 Build #0007 of Centurion-Gold, customers can access several new features in the Parking Lot System.  With this new release, each traffic counter and sign can be connected to via a hard COM port, a virtual COM port, an Ethernet port, or even through a cellular data link.  This makes the software much more flexible in the way different traffic counters and signs can be connected to it.  The prior versions only supported a limited radio based connection method for each device.

In addition, this new software supports a direct connection to the ROSIM WAP-348x magnetometer.  The ROSIM WAP-348x can connects to up to 48 different in-the-road sensors which report each time a vehicle crosses over them.  Centurion can now link to the WAP-348x and will update signs with both incoming and outgoing traffic in real time, just as it always has with Diamond traffic counters feeding it information.  Centurion supports up to 32 traffic data collection devices which can be a mix of Diamond traffic counters and ROSIM devices in any combination.




New input sensor support for Road Runner III - RR3-OC (Open Collector)


The regular RR3 has two standard road tube inputs.  The new RR3-OC removes those two inputs and instead has a five pin plug which allows the connection of up to four Open Collector style inputs.  An open collector input is designed to be connected to any device which does a contact closure, relay close, or pulls the line to ground to signal activation (which is what Open Collector means).

The RR3-OC is intended to be used with other types of sensors such as tape switches, remote output sensors, or pretty much anything which can activate a contact closure or short a line to ground to indicate an event has occurred.  This makes the RR3 with its small size, long battery life, huge memory, and rugged waterproof case a very useful general purpose data logger, and indeed can even be used in industries outside of vehicle traffic collection.




New input sensor support for Omega X3 traffic counter - OC (Open Collector)


The standard Omega X3 regular has four standard road tube inputs.  Customers can now order the Omega X3 with the addition of a new Omega X3 OC Input Connector which adds a five pin plug to the side of the case that allows the connection of up to four Open Collector style inputs.  An open collector input is designed to be connected to any device which does a contact closure, relay close, or pulls the line to ground to signal activation (which is what Open Collector means).  Users can select at any time whether they want to use the standard road tube inputs or the OC inputs when starting data collection.

This new Omega X3 OC Input Connector is intended to be used with other types of sensors such as tape switches, remote output sensors, or pretty much anything which can activate a contact closure or short a line to ground to indicate an event has occurred.  This makes the Omega X3 with its small size, long battery life, huge memory, rugged waterproof case, built in GPS and Bluetooth, and a USB thumb drive transfer system a very useful general purpose data logger, and indeed can even be used in industries outside of vehicle/bicycle traffic collection.

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