Download Icon 4While not directly selling the Centurion software package, Diamond Edge Technology, LLC does offer a second download service source for this program along with patches, other tools, tables, and firmware updates.  These downloads may be newer than the official release, so caution is advised before trying them.

We recommend you contact your product provider first for necessary downloads, but in case this is not possible the following downloads are available directly from us:

Centurion Software Packages

Centurion Gold Icon (as gif)Centurion-Gold

V1.44 Build #0009

Centurion CC Icon (as gif)Centurion-CC

V1.44 Build #0009

Centurion Parks Icon (as gif)Centurion-Parks
Volume Only

V1.44 Build #0009

Centurion Field Icon (as gif)Centurion-Field
Counter Setup & Monitoring

V1.44 Build #0009

Centurion Free Icon (as gif)Centurion-Free
RR3 & TT-200-DL Only

V1.44 Build #0009

Centurion Version History ...

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